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Our therapists

Our Therapists:

- Believe our clients' needs are of the utmost importance and utilize different massage techniques tailored for each client.

Our Therapists:

- Are highly skilled at achieving pain reduction and increased range of motion

Meet Linda Thorpe, Owner and "soul" proprietor of Applause Therapeutic Massage. She brings 22 years of experience to the table!   

Linda has a B.A. in Psychology; over the last 7 years, she has added 3 therapies to her list of specialties, TheraLymph Massage, Talk Therapy Massage and Couples Therapeutic Massage classes.  

TheraLymph Massage came about as a result of working repetitive stress injury cases from 2009 - 2021 and a specific need for a specific client.  They needed a focus on the lymphatic system, but had limitations in not only positioning of the body, but of restrictions not allowing contact with certain areas due to pain.  A modified approach utilizing focus areas of lymph with non-traditional positioning resulted in a very effective result.  It is detoxifying and extremely relaxing as an added bonus!!  

A recent referral:


To Whom This May Concern;

I am a retired Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy who was critically injured in August of 2009. I suffered multiple broken bones in my neck, ribs, left femur, left hip, lower back and wrist after being dragged underneath a stolen pickup truck through an intersection. I was transported to Swedish Hospital where I remained as a patient for nearly three months. During my hospital stay, I endured numerous surgeries and skin grafting procedures. Since being released from the hospital I have had more surgical procedures with the last one being in December of 2018. I have recently been told I need yet another surgery to my left hip and femur to remove the hardware that was put in on that miserable day in August of 2009.

I have been sent to many, many doctors, surgeons and therapists during the past 10 years in an attempt to assist me overcome the daily pain that had been excruciating at times. These doctors, surgeons and therapists have only been able to provide me with minimal results. I was also sent to Linda Thorpe for massage therapy for my injuries. I can say without a doubt that Linda has proven to be the most helpful in terms of not only pain relief, but has been able to help me make my life more enjoyable to live because she provides me with ways to help myself in between visits to her office. I honestly do not know where I would be or what kind of life I would be living if I had never been referred to Linda for help.

Another thing I would like to say about Linda is how dedicated she is to her profession. Each and every time I go to her office for a session of therapy, she sits down with me ahead of time and we discuss how I have been doing and feeling and then she explains to me what her plans are for my treatment. She always shows her confidence in her ability to help me and is enthusiastic about her profession. If I were to find any fault with Linda, it would be that I believe she works TOO hard and takes her patients wellbeing to heart. I would HIGHLY recommend Linda to anyone who needs serious help like myself.

Art Peterson


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