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Relaxation Only

-usually a full body massage with the purpose of initiating the body's natural relaxation response. Relieves stress, muscle tension.

1 hr (60 Mins), $60.00

70 minutes, $75.00

Therapeutic or Medical Massage

60 min massage usually targeted for reducing pain and/or increasing range of motion to a specific injured area. e.g. neck, shoulders, hips. $70.00 - $100.00

60-minute therapeutic massage w/ moist heat hot packs,   $80.00

CBD specific treated areas e. g. neck, shoulders, low back(includes hot packs), $100.00

MassageTalk Therapy sessions

60 minutes of massage while you are discussing issues affecting your body or it can be split into a 30/30 minute massage, followed by discussion or vice versa. $70.00

75 minutes, $85.00

Package pricing is available.

This type of session is helpful for those needing extra support for mental clarity, emotional stress, post COVID, etc.  It has been proven talking about one's issues, stressors can help reduce tension levels in the body.

Lymphatic or TheraLymph massage for 60-75 mins. is $80-$100.00


Package pricing is available: Buy 5, get the 6th free!

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