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Physician Billable Services

Conditions by diagnosis code successfully treated by Applause Therapeutic Massage (2018):

Upper Quadrants

S46.811S Strain of muscle, fascia and tendon (mft) @ R upper arm/shldr

S46.911S Strain of unspecified mft @ R upper arm/shldr

S46.011S Strain of mft of R shldr/rotator cuff

S46.812S Strain of mft @ L upper arm/shldr

S29.019S Acute thoracic myofascial pain

M62.830 Spasm of thoracic back muscle

G58.9 Mononeuropathy, unspecified R arm

M62.838 Other muscle spasm (neck)*

S16.1XXS Strain of mft @ neck level*

M47.812 Spondylosis w/out myelopathy or radiculopathy, cervical region

M54.6 Pain in thoracic spine

M50.020 Cervical disc disorder w/ myelopathy, mid-cervical region

M54.12 Radiculopathy, cervical region

S46.912S Strain of unspecified mft @ L shldr/upper arm

S13.4XXS Sprain of ligaments of cervical spine

S43.401S Unspecified sprain of R shldr

S23.3XXS sprain of ligaments of thoracic spine

S63.502S Unspecified sprain, L wrist

S13.9XXS Sprain of joints and ligaments of unspecified parts of neck

M75.102 Unspec rotator cuff tear or rupture of L shldr


M25.551 Pain in R (Right) hip

S73.101S Unspecified sprain of R hip

M25.552 Pain in L hip

S70.01XS Contusion of R hip

S76.312S Strain of muscle, fascia and tendon, thigh level L (Left) thigh

S80.12XS Contusion of L lower leg

M54.5 Acute R sided low back pain*

M54.40 Lumbago w/ sciatica

S39.012S Strain of mft of lower back (Lumbosacral strain)**

M53.3 Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction

M79.604 Pain in R Leg

M46.1 Bilateral sacroiliitis

M19.072 Primary osteoarthritis, L ankle and foot

S83.91XS Sprain of unspecified site of R knee

S33.6XXS sprain of SI Joint


R53.83 Fatigue, unspecified type

F43.0 Acute stress disorder

R20.2 Paresthesia of skin

R20.0 Anesthesia of skin

Z98.890 Other specified postprocedural states

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